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School Management

1.Only true Online Enterprise School Management (ESM) system which has all the possible functionalities to develop Strategy, tactical and Operational activities for key Stake holders from Enterprise level to local level

2.Complete online access to all possible stakeholders (i.e. student, teacher, parent, administrator, etc)

3.Access to ESM from anywhere, at anytime, and through any infrastructure (Mac or Windows or any operating systems)

4.One database fully integrated with all possible functions within the complete Enterprise school system

5.Extensive customizable alert messages for all stakeholders

6.Parents can track all of their childrens\' activities including attendance, grading, special clubs, and achievement

7.Online integration of academic and social calendars among the stakeholders (i.e. teacher, student, parent, administrator etc.)

8.Full customization to suit the needs of each school.

9.Multiple Schools and Multiple Session Management through single database.